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New online application system
Administrator, June 2014

The good news keeps coming from Solar Financial Solutions. We have just launched our new online solar finance application system for residential customers.


You can now get pre-approved in 5-10 minutes 24/7. Better still the system shows customers how solar power can often cost less than their existing grid electricity contract. In many case less than 25c/kWh.


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Administrator, March 2014


It's an exciting new phase of growth and we need more hands on deck at Solar Financial Solutions in the form of interns for PR, marketing, operations and customer service roles. .


​If you're interested in pursuing a career in finance, marketing, renewable energy, web or operations were offering 2 roles. 


Aside from a passion for and/or experience in marketing, operations and customer service, we're looking for proactive, smart problem solvers, with a great sense of fun and willingness to learn.


Contact us to learn more.

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