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Solar finance - It's simple!

Some people dream of saving money. We make it happen.



You pay $0 up-front. We arrange the installation of a custom designed system for you. You pay the system off over time (just like a home loan).

Then your electricity bill (the brown bar) goes way down because you're getting much of your electricity from the sun or using less due to efficiency! That lower bill plus the repayment is in most cases less than your old electricity bill.




It's win-win especially in these times of rapidly rising electricity costs! You will literally save thousands of dollars over the life of your solar system or energy efficient equipment.

And with little or no upfront cost means little or no waiting for your system to start saving you money!

Who wouldn't want to save with clean energy?



  1. Call us and we will direct you to one of our installer partners

  2. Using the latest technology & systems our partners will size your system and equipment and arrange for installation

  3. Your combined Solar Finance repayments & new utility bill should be less than what you used to pay.


“With Solar Financial Solutions, Everything was made easy, the process was straight forward and really simple." 

Daniel, Park Avenue, QLD

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