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Save thousands

With electricity prices rising far more rapidly than the average wage, installing a solar system or energy efficient equipment is a perfect opportunity to reduce your electricity bills. You'll protect your home or business from future power price rises because you will need much less power from the grid. 


The cost of electricity is expected to continue to climb dramatically in the coming years. This is largely a result of power companies having to spend big to upgrade their transmission networks.

Reducing your consumption (via energy efficiency) or producing your own power (from the sun) helps you avoid paying some of these high costs.

With a Solar Financial Solutions finance arrangement you can often lower your energy costs and reduce your electricity bills immediately without paying anything up-front.



We know every home & business is different, so our installer partners custom design your energy efficient or solar equipment based on your home or business' architecture and electricity needs.

Our customer care team will then ensure your system is installed according to our uncompromising quality standards and provide a single point of contact during your project.

Our network has installed thousands of similar systems for hundreds of customers Australia wide?



With a Solar Financial Solution finance contract you do not have a big upfront payment (often thousands of dollars). This means you can save your money for other opportunities like holidays, education, renovations  supplies and staff costs.

Plus with $0 down, most home and businesses will save money immediately via lower electricity bills. This means you can be cash flow positive from day one in some cases.



  1. Call us and we will direct you to one of our installer partners

  2. Using the latest technology & systems our partners will size your system and equipment and arrange for installation

  3. Your combined Solar Finance repayments & new utility bill should be less than what you used to pay.



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